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Protecting Your Interests When It Comes To Separation Agreements

Have you been fired by your employer and asked to sign a severance or separation agreement? In essence, the purpose of these types of agreements is to get you to permanently waive your legal rights in exchange for a severance payment or package. Usually, these agreements are not drafted to your benefit or with your best interests in mind.

With decades of combined experience, the wrongful termination employment law attorneys at Rosen Marsili Rapp LLP can help you make sure your separation agreement is fair and balanced. Don’t let your employer get away with stripping you of your legal rights if you have a valid claim against them for wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination or retaliation. Have us take a look at the agreement — and listen to your situation and the factors that may have led to your termination — to make sure your employer isn’t trying to add insult to injury on your way out.

What Should You Do If Your Employer Offers You A Separation Agreement?

At Rosen Marsili Rapp LLPour experienced team of lawyers can assist you in negotiating a separation agreement that allows you to leave your former employer with dignity and respect and with your head held high. You may not wish to sign a separation agreement if:

  • You believe your termination was unfair or you don’t understand your rights
  • You are being laid-off or are quitting due to harassment, retaliation or discrimination
  • It contains a noncompete or nondisclosure clause that will limit your ability to work going forward
  • It contains any admission of fault on your behalf
  • You witnessed wrongdoing in the workplace or believe your rights were violated

Our lawyers will review the proposed agreement, advise you of your options and advocate to help you obtain the best possible outcome. Sometimes an employer will offer a very generous separation agreement because there has been some wrongdoing on their part. If you don’t understand why the terms are so generous, you may be overlooking other legal options that should be explored and considered before signing the agreement.

Contact The Local Leaders In Employment Law Today

We are dedicated to helping you achieve a just and fair employment contract or separation agreement. We take employment-related problems very seriously. We are driven by our understanding of the devastation many people experience upon learning that the agreement they thought they had is not what they had understood or expected.

If you need to negotiate a separation agreement or other employment contract, call Rosen Marsili Rapp LLP in Los Angeles at 213-389-6050 or contact us online.