McDonald’s sued again for discrimination

| Sep 11, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

McDonald’s franchisees in California and across the country are claiming that they have faced racial discrimination at the hands of corporate headquarters. In a recent lawsuit, over 50 Black McDonald’s franchisees argue that they did not receive the same opportunities that white franchise owners have available to them.


A different system for franchisees


The Black franchisees allege that the corporation tried to direct them to economically disadvantaged areas when opening their franchises. These locations had lower returns on investment along with higher costs of ownership. The plaintiffs claim that the company sent them on “economic suicide missions.” However, McDonald’s was still profiting off of the franchisees’ efforts during that time.


Different sales figures


The lawsuit claims that Black franchisees earn an average of $700,000 less in same store sales than do white franchisees. The plaintiffs allege that this gap has grown progressively worse in the last decade. Moreover, the company has reduced the number of Black franchisees in that time. This is not the first lawsuit that McDonald’s has faced over the years that claimed that minority franchisees were forced into low-income areas. The company has a growing litigation docket of cases filed against it for various forms of alleged harassment and discrimination. For example, three employees in Florida have filed a civil rights lawsuit alleging a pervasive pattern of discrimination against workers.


Those who have faced workplace discrimination have the ability to take legal action do something about it. They can hire a workplace discrimination attorney to help them file a lawsuit against the employer seeking monetary damages for the harm that they have suffered. You have protections from this type of discrimination on the job, and hiring an attorney can help you make sure that your legal rights are respected by your employer.