Man seeking job claims employee rights violation due to his age

| May 4, 2020 | Employee Rights |

While Californians and people throughout the U.S. are benefiting from increased attention to work issues and employee rights, problems still arise. One common violation is age discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a claim on behalf of a man who claims to have been discriminated against due to his age.

The man, age 64, applied for a job at a company that supplies aerospace components in Detroit. He says he was not hired because of his age. The filing states that the man is qualified for the job and that a staffing agency referred him. The interviewer questioned him about his age and the year he completed high school. A positive comment was made about the man’s appearance in relation to his age.

The man did not get the job with the justification that the interviewer did not believe there would be a long-term commitment. There was no reply to a staffing agency email saying that he planned to work for at least another decade. These acts are in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act in which people age 40 and older are supposed to be shielded from these acts.

Settlement negotiations were fruitless. In the claim, the EEOC seeks to secure financial compensation for what the applicant lost when he did not get the job. The law requires that people are given a fair opportunity at employment regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, religion or national origin. Despite that, some employers still discriminate against employees or people seeking employment. If there is a violation of a person’s employee rights in any way, including discriminatory behavior, wage violations, sexual harassment and wrongful termination, having legal advice may be imperative to addressing the issue. An experienced employment law firm might help with filing a case.