EEOC reports more disability than race discrimination claims

| Apr 1, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in 2019, more employees filed claims related to disability discrimination than racial discrimination. Some California workers may be among the disabled employees who are dealing with these issues. Disabled workers are also two times more likely to be unemployed than people who are not disabled.

The Society for Human Resource Management reports that there are inclusive initiatives specific to disability at just 13% of companies. In many cases, companies may simply be unaware of the situation and of their obligations. One person with the SHRM says that many companies may be focusing on sexual harassment training and other issues instead. Federal law does not require disability training, and many employers may not consider it because they have never hired a disabled worker.

In an effort to ensure that human resources and hiring managers know how to hire and work with individuals who have disabilities, the SHRM has created a certificate program. According to them, disability inclusion training includes the recognition that disabilities are not just physical in nature. They may also be mental. Disability inclusion training can also teach employers about what constitutes reasonable accommodation, what actions could be considered offensive to disabled people and how disabled people may work and communicate.

People who believe they are facing discrimination in the workplace might wonder whether their employer is acting illegally. Usually, it must be proven that work discrimination is based on a protected characteristic, such as disability, race, sex, religion, age or another factor. California has additional protections beyond those offered by federal law. The attorney may be able to advise clients on their rights and on how to proceed. For example, they might need to try to document the incidents and begin by pursuing a complaint internally.