Gap in pay is top gender-related issue

| Mar 27, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

According to a recent survey, most Americans in Los Angeles and other parts of the country are unable to identify the gender-related issues that concern them most. Since 1977, Americans have celebrated and recognized March 8th as women’s rights and world peace day. Work discrimination is a strong focus this year as the top campaign for International Women’s Day is the importance of economic equality.

While two-thirds of those surveyed could not decide on a top-priority for issues related to gender and workplace discrimination, around 20 percent had no trouble citing a top concern of eliminating the gap in pay between women and men. A smaller percentage felt as though establishing better parental leave options was the most important issue.

Interestingly, timing held a great influence over the answers of participants. Some were focused on the election of a female president, and others wanted to see more women sitting on company boards and employed in leadership or corporate positions.

Issues were also divided among generations. Baby Boomers favored closing the pay gap, while Millennials were more concerned about diversity in the workplace and in corporate jobs. Most economists cite it will take more than 250 years to close the pay gap. Currently, most women are paid 82 cents for every dollar than men are paid.

For those who are dealing with work discrimination, they face many difficult choices each day they go to work. While it is important to stand up to the discriminating behavior, reporting it to an authoritative figure can be frightening. Consulting an experienced work discrimination attorney before making that report could make a major difference in how the situation ends. They may be able to evaluate the strength of the case and whether there could be a chance for monetary compensation.