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Was I rightfully fired, or was I wrongfully terminated?

If you have recently become unemployed, you are likely to feel shocked and upset by your employer's decision to terminate your job. If your employer did not give you a good reason for why this decision was made, you may start to wonder if there is an underlying reason that is not being admitted.

In certain situations, it can be possible to make a wrongful termination claim against your employer after being fired. However, to do this successfully, you must have a good reason to believe that your employer discriminated against or retaliated against you. The following are things to consider when trying to establish whether you were wrongfully fired.

Check your contract

The first thing you should do after being fired is re-read your contract. Some contracts state that there must be a good cause for employment termination. If this is the case, your employer cannot fire you at-will. Even if you are employed at-will, you cannot be fired for a discriminatory reason.

Consider whether you recently made a complaint

If you recently made a complaint about harassment, discrimination or workplace safety, you are legally protected from retaliation. Therefore, you cannot be fired for this reason.

Consider whether there was a discriminatory motivation

Think about whether you were treated differently in the workplace because of a certain reason such as your race, religion, gender, disability or national origin. If you believe that one of these characteristics influenced your employer to fire you, it may be possible to make a claim.

You should not have to suffer from lost wages as a result of wrongful termination. Therefore, you must take action to stand up for your rights.

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