Inappropriate material at work could constitute harassment

| Aug 9, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment is unfortunately rife in the workplace, despite the legal regulations in place that try to prevent it. As an employee, you should be able to go to work each day without being worried about being made to feel embarrassed, ashamed or uncomfortable, particularly in regard to issues of a sexual nature.

The use of inappropriate or pornographic material has no place in the work environment. If you have been exposed to such content on a regular basis and if this has had a negative effect on your experience at work, you may be able to make a sexual harassment claim.

How to argue that inappropriate material at work is an instance of sexual harassment

If you have been shown sexual material at work, it is likely that the best way you will be able to file a sexual harassment claim is by showing that you were working in a hostile environment. This is one of two ways to file a sexual harassment claim.

A hostile work environment is one that makes it difficult or impossible for a worker to efficiently perform their work duties because they are being made to feel objectified, embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Therefore, you should be able to link the presence of the inappropriate material with the dread you felt when arriving at work or the struggles you had when trying to efficiently perform your work duties.

You should not tolerate inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace, because it could harm both your mental health and your career prospects. By taking legal action, you will be able to protect your career while making sure that justice is done.