Can ogling can be a form of sexual harassment at work?

| Aug 23, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual behavior, no matter how subtle, should never be a component of people’s behavior in the workplace. Staring or ogling may seem to some as a trivial action that is not harming anyone. However, body language such as this can be profoundly pervasive, and can seriously impact the way that an employee feels at work.

If you are feeling uncomfortable at work because your coworkers or managers stare at you in what you would interpret to be of a sexual nature, you should not accept this. Under anti-discrimination and harassment laws, it can be possible for you to take action to protect yourself.

How do I know if I have a sexual harassment claim?

You can show that you have been a victim of sexual harassment at work in two ways. First, you can give evidence that a manager abused their power to achieve a sexual goal. Second, you could show that certain behavior taken by another coworker was pervasive enough to create a hostile environment. Therefore, you should be successful in making a sexual harassment claim if you can show that the staring and ogling you experienced negatively affected your work experience significantly.

Should I fear retaliation?

When making a complaint of sexual harassment, you should not fear retaliation. This is because there are laws in place that prohibit retaliation for those who have made a complaint of discrimination or harassment.

If you have experienced a hostile environment at work due to ogling and staring, you should take action to assert your rights and gain the damages that you deserve.