Dealing with an unexpected job loss

| Jun 28, 2019 | Wrongful Termination |

Losing your job unexpectedly can feel devastating. Not only do you have to deal with rejection and feeling unappreciated for your hard work, but you will also be without an income.

When you are not given a good reason for why you were let go, this can feel frustrating and disheartening. It is important, however, that you are proactive in moving forward after a job loss. The following are some things that you should consider doing immediately after being fired.

Consider the possibility of wrongful termination

If you were fired for a discriminatory or retaliatory reason, you may be able to take legal action by claiming wrongful termination. If you are successful, you may be able to gain monetary damages or in some situations have your position reinstated.

Collect employer compensation

It is important that you read your terms of employment very carefully after you lose your job. Many employees have the right to severance pay after being let go. You should also make sure that you are paid for all the work that you engaged in.

File for unemployment compensation

If you lost a job through no fault of your own, you may be able to claim unemployment compensation. This can help you pay the bills while you search for a new source of income. In order to claim this, you must be actively looking for a new job.

If you believe that the circumstances surrounding your employment termination were unprofessional or inappropriate, you could be a victim of wrongful termination. It is important that you take action in this case so that you can gain the damages you deserve.