Key signs of gender discrimination at work

| Apr 19, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

The law dictates that all workers should be treated equally, regardless of their gender. This means that both sexes should be paid equally for equal work, and they should be able to do their job without facing gender-based or sexual harassment.

If you are feeling uncomfortable about some recent experiences you have had at work, you may be wondering if these experiences constitute workplace discrimination or harassment. If you feel that the experiences have created a hostile environment, you should take action to address the situation. The following are some subtle ways that gender discrimination can be perpetrated.

You feel socially isolated because of your gender

If you are in a working environment with many people of the opposite gender, you may feel that they do not include you in social activities. If you have made a reasonable effort to socialize and feel that they are deliberately excluding you because of your gender, this is a form of gender discrimination.

You are asked inappropriate questions

You should never be asked questions that make you uncomfortable at work, whether you are in a job interview or speaking to a co-worker. Questions should not be asked, for example, about your intentions to become pregnant.

You are not trusted with responsibilities

If you are qualified and committed to taking on further responsibility, but it is not being given to you, this can be frustrating. If those of the opposite gender are equally qualified and given responsibility, you may be a victim of gender discrimination.

If you have experienced gender discrimination, it is important to take action and assert your rights.