If you have had to suffer from unwanted sexual advances in the workplace, you will undoubtedly be feeling very distressed, upset and confused about how to proceed. Every experience of sexual assault is unique, but it should never be tolerated. Although you will be aware of the ways in which you were mistreated, it is likely that you will not be sure about how it will be viewed in the eyes of the law.

If you were sexually assaulted in the workplace, it is very important that you never tolerate this behavior under any circumstances. The law is in place to protect all employees from any type of sexual harassment; therefore, by taking action, you will be able to get justice.

What is the legal definition of attempted rape?

In the state of California, the criminal act of rape is having sexual intercourse without the other person’s consent. This could be done through threat, intoxication, force or coercion. Therefore, physical force does not need to necessarily be present in a rape.

Attempted rape is defined as a failed attempt to have sexual intercourse through any of these means. In the working environment, it is common for a person in a situation of power to coerce their employee into having sexual intercourse. Although physical force may not have been used, the crime of attempted rape can possibly be charged to the perpetrator.

If you are feeling distressed as a result of a sexual assault at work, you should make sure that you take action to protect yourself and get justice in the state of California.